Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cinema Wasteland April 2009 Report

About a week before Wasteland, I wound up with a pinched nerve in my neck. I was in excruciating pain and had little use of my left arm. I really wanted to be at this show, but it looked like I wasn’t going to make it. I was pissed off and depressed. I don’t like to disappoint the fans who look forward to my panels and buy my DVD's. Also I didn’t want to leave Ken, the promoter, in a bind as I was slated to do three things at the show.

Thanks to my chiropractor and a lot of fans who really wanted me out there, I sucked it up and called my friend, Amaryth, from Deadandundead.com, told her the situation. I asked her if she would get me there. She agreed. We left 9:30pm Friday night. I could only drive for two hours, so she took the wheel. We were going to cut the trip in half, but every time we tried to stop we got hit with a cloudburst of rain, sleet or hail. We also got nailed for doing 87 in a 55mph zone. The cop asked why we were doing 87 and my smart ass comment, that I held back was, because we couldn’t get it up to 90 before you stopped us.

Hey, some shit goes with the territory. We got to the hotel at 4:30am and checked in. We found out that one of the guests, Lou Perryman, had been murdered by some bi polar nut job on his way to the show. Pretty fucked up situation and I hope they hang the scumbag who did it. We caught some sleep and the Wasteland crew graciously unloaded my truck so I could set up.

The focus of the show was the 35th Anniversary of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All the original cast members were on hand. However the “star” of the show was Christina Lindberg in her first convention appearance. I have never seen a guest that was more gracious to the fans than Christina. She signed for hours and, unlike some other so called stars, was very fair in her autograph prices. We chatted a bit and she was very cool. Talked briefly to Gunner Hansen as he was busy at his table all weekend. Friday night came and went. Finally got to meet Todd Sheets, who I have been friends with for a couple of years. His table was right next to mine. He was like a kid in a candy store as this was his first Wasteland.

Saturday was the big day. 1st up for me was 42nd Street Pete’s Hardcore Wrestling Hour. I picked four bloody matches from my archives and put an hour program together. Great response as the room was filled quickly. Ran into Joe Knetter and finally got a copy of his long awaited book, Zombie Bukkaki. We shot the shit for awhile. I just hope I can read this epic without throwing up in my mouth, lol. After I read it, which might take months, I’ll have a full review here. All kidding aside, Joe is a great guy and a blast to hang out with.

At 5pm it was time for Tales from Time Square. A panel consiting of Ken Kish, Andy Copp, Art Ettenger, Jason Martinko, and Todd Sheets got to grill me on every aspect of my time on “The Deuce” . Then we opened it up to the fans. Art Ettenger opened it up with “tell us a hooker story”. Then we covered just about everything, from peep shows, massage joints, Al Goldstein, NYC Liquidators, and everything in between.

At 8pm, it was time for Horror Jeopardy. This was concocted after the last show as Myself, Ken Kish, and Ghastly brainstormed into the wee hours over cocktails. In typical Wasteland fashion, the board crashed, some questions got confused and lost, but we just adlibbed our way through it and everybody dug it. We’ll do it again in October as we are working the bugs out of it. Spent the rest of the night partying into the early am.

Sunday was pretty laid back. We finished up our sales, said our goodbyes, then headed over Ken & Pam’s for some Chinese take out and to wind down. We left in the morning and got back home in record time.

Even though I was still in a lot of pain, I was a great show. Unlike these other cons that have to have 200 guests or some other stupidity to get themselves over, Wasteland has a core group of fans that really appreciate the whole genre of the grindhouse & drive in culture. No long waits in line and a great selection of dealers that have cool merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else. If I’m willing to drive that far to have a good time, what does that tell you? No other con has films running constantly, panels, talks and other stuff the minute the doors open. I already planning my trip out for October.

Special thanks to Ken & Pam Kish for giving me the opportunity to showcase my stuff and treating me like gold. Thanks to the Ghoulish and Ghastly Griff for offering to drive seven hours out of his way to pick me up. Thanks to Amaryth for all her help and support. You want some custom made horror stuff that is really unique, check out her website at deadandundead.com. Thanks to all the Wasteland staff who helped me out, and last, thanks to all the fans who came to see me because without you guys, there would be no 42nd Street Pete, all you crazy fuckers rock and I love ya all. Be back in October.
Later, 42P

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thebonebreaker said...

Christina Lindberg - drool. . . ;-)

Sounds like a great time! - glad that you decided to tough it out!
I hope that your neck is better!