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Classic Grindhouse Double Bill of Depravity: Barbed Wire Dolls & Women’s Prison Massacre

Probably one of the more depraved double bills ever to hit The Deuce. Directed by the Deacons of Depravity, Jess Franco & Bruno Mattei, these two films stretch the limit of their questionable “R” Rating. Torture, rape, violence ect, these films got the audience response they deserved when playing at the showcase of Euro sleaze, the Liberty Theater on 42nd Street.

The Stars of both movies, Lina Romay & Laura Gemser, were queens of exploitation. Both made a living staring in these type of films. Romay was and still is married to Jess Franco. Gemser was married to her frequent co star , Gabrielle Tinti, and retired soon after his death. Both ladies are a big part of exploitation history.

Dolls was so depraved that it was seldom booked any where except the Liberty. Even with Women’s Prison Massacre on top in ‘83, most patrons had seen and wanted to see Dolls again.

Barbed Wire Dolls: 1976, Directed by Jess Franco, Starring Lina Romay, Monica Swinn, & “Peggy” Markoff. Released by Aquarius Releasing

One of the more depraved WIP pictures were the prison is located on an island. The place has a filthy look to it. The warden, Monica Swinn, is wearing the shortest hot pants in WIP history. She also has a monicle stuck in her eye. Her assistant, Nestor, is the white guard, with a black man’s voice, who metes out the torture.

Though the film is pretty bloodless, it more than makes up for that with sex scenes bordering on hard core. Plenty of beaver shots, a woman masturbating with a lit cigarette, lesbo hyjinx, and more.

A prisoner, Maria, is brought in for the murder of her father. She is sentenced to life. Her father had tried to rape her. This is shown in a flashback with Franco playing “Daddy”. She kills him , or does she? , and is caught and sentence to life. She is “initiated “by strapping her to a bed frame and applying electric shocks. Bedpans are strategically placed under the bed , adding to the scummy ambience of this scene. As we did deeper into the characters, Nestor is a rapist/torturer, the Doctor isn’t a real doc, the real one was killed and this drug shooting pervert took his place and the warden has a nasty little secret too.

The warden takes select prisoners to her apartment for some fun & games. One blonde, called ‘Peggy “ Markoff in the credits to try and cash in or false advertise Margret Markoff , a WIP staple back then. She is drugged up and abused by the warden. The warden has a special hated for Maria. Maria is constantly tortured on the electro bed by Nestor. At one cringe inducing point, he shoves a switch into he ass.

The “Doctor” complains to the Warden that Maria might have a punctured bowel and “we can’t have anymore deaths”. The Warden laughs and say Maria will die because she, the Warden , had killed her father. It seems the Warden and Dad were lovers and she came on the scene when Maria was running out of the house. The jealous bitch finished off Dad and pinned the blame on Maria.

Maria and two of the other girls escape. They are pursued by Nestor and a topless guard. Nestor finds one of the prisoners and is in the process of raping her, when he is machined gunned by another guard, who runs off with the prisoner. Maria and the other girl get to the Governor’s mansion and, to freedom. Or so they think. The warden is there waiting and shoots them down. This scene actually got applause from the crowd of miscreants in the theater.

Though “Dolls” what pretty lite on the bloodshed, Women’s Prison Massacre(1985) more than made up for that. Directed by sleazemeister Bruno Mattei, this is one of the most vile WIP flicks ever made.

Emmanuelle ( Laura Gemser) is a reporter who got the goods on a corrupt official. To silence her, he had her thrown in this shitty jail. The Warden ( Lorraine De Selle ) wants her dead at the bequest of that official. She sics an imate , Albina( Ursula Flores) on her. Albina runs the prison. When left alone in the yard with Emanuelle, Albina pulls a shank and attacks. Emanuelle gets the upper hand and slices up her foe. Albina winds up in the infirmary and Emanuelle is abused by the guards, The guards are really sadistic bitches who torture the inmates for any infraction of the rules. Two overly friendly inmates are tortured by water when discovered. One girl has a male blow up doll that she uses to satisfy herself.

In the midst of all this depravity, for male prisoners are to be held there for a day or so. Crazy Boy Henderson( Gabrielle Tinti) , “Blade” Von Bauer, and two others. Blade hides a razor in his mouth and slashes a guard’s throat with it. They soon control the prison and rape some of the women , including the Warden.

An attach on the prison by the law backfires leaving several inmates dead. One girl’s lesbian lover is killed, so she is out for revenge. She puts a razor blade in a cork and puts it in her pussy. She seduces Blade, who strangles her before raping her. This scene is high on the cringe factor as Blade’s dick is split down the middle. He staggers bleeding though the halls and is torn apart by some of the inmates.

Things are rapidly deteriorating. Crazy Boy wants out and needs a car. He engages in a game of Russian Roulette with Albina, just to kill some time. Albina’s brains wind up splattered on his face. Crazy Boy, his gang now wiped out, gets his car and leaves with Emanuelle and a wounded guard. The guard and Emanuelle get the upper hand and kill Crazy Boy. The official, who wants Emanuelle dead, winds up with a bullet between the eyes. Emanuelle goes back to finish her sentence.

I think this was the last time that Laura Gemser played Emanuelle. She pretty much retired after her husband , Gabrielle Tinti passed away. This film was lost in the shuffle for many years, Shock O Rama got the rights to it and I was given it to review. I noticed that almost all of the violence had been edited out of this print. When I mentioned this to the company, they scrambled to find the uncut print. Thankfully Grindhouse Releasing had an uncut print which they graciously supplied for transfer.
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